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Florida Equine Rescue Groups

Florida Horse Adoption

horse waiting rescue

Florida horse rescue organizations serve a vital need to accept, treat, and shelter horses in distress.

Many of these Florida rescue organizations have horses available for adoption to qualified horse owners. Contact one of the rescue groups listed here to find out about volunteering your services or adopting a horse.

Equine Therapy - Therapeutic Horseback Riding

It has been found that being around horses has a therapeutic effect on many individuals who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD may be caused by many factors where a person has had a traumatic experience such as military veterans returning from combat conditions. Equine therapy is also helpful for anyone suffering physical or emotional trauma or have learning disabilities.

There are several horse organizations in Florida that specialize in therapeutic equestrian experiences and they are listed here.

Horse Services Volunteers

Many Floridians find joy and satisfaction in volunteering at horse rescue and therapeutic riding organizations. For many, it is a way to be around horses and at the same time enjoy the deep feelings that come from contributing to the well being of others.

All horse service organization depend on contributions and volunteers to be able to function. Consider lending some of your time to these important endeavors.

Horseback Riding Clubs

One of the great joys of horse ownership is the companionship of other equestrians. Florida supports hundreds of horse clubs and associations that are based on horse breed, riding discipline, horse shows, or just plain fun horseback riding.

Florida Horse Rescue Organizations