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Barn and Outdoor Fans

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pedestal fanSafety First

Electrical fires are a leading cause of preventable horse deaths, and it’s essential to prioritize safety when choosing equipment for barns and stables.

When selecting fans for barns, consider the following factors to ensure safety:

Industrial/Heavy Duty vs. Agricultural: Opt for fans specifically designed for agricultural use. Some industrial fans may not be suitable for barn environments.

Enclosed Motors: Choose fans with enclosed motors to prevent dust and debris from entering the motor.

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute): Consider the airflow capacity. More airflow is beneficial, but it’s essential to strike a balance.

Oscillating Feature: If you prefer oscillating fans, ensure they can tilt as well.

UL Rating: Look for fans with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings, which indicate compliance with safety standards.

Box Fans May be Dangerous

When choosing a fan, you want one that will be fitting for the size of your barn and will provide adequate airflow. However, not all fans are suited for use in a barn. Many boxed fans are not meant to be used in a barn since most box fans are designed for residential and light commercial use. Dust and hay can cause certain fans to short out if it reaches the motor and could even potentially cause a fire.

Quality Barn Fans

Keep your livestock healthy and yourself comfortable during these periods of record heat. A good cooling system starts with quality barn fans that can cool the barn up to ten degrees. When selecting a fan for a stall, you will want one that can be mounted and has an airflow of around 2,000 – 3,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM).Also consider water misters in dryer climates where the evaporation of mist will cool the area another several degrees.

Removing Dust

Barn fans serve the additional purpose of keeping air circulating and removing harmful hay dust and pollen. Airborne dust and pollen can negatively affect your animals as well as you. Dust also presents a safety issue with fans, so be sure to choose fans with an enclosed motor. Exhaust fans are especially effective in removing hot air and dust.

Flying Insects

Flying insects are reduced considerably when there is a strong breeze generated by your fans blowing fresh air throughout the barn. Farns can cut bugs by 80% in barns with an inhospitable flying insect environment.

Barn Ceiling Fans

ceiling fanLarge ceiling fans generate high levels of more indirect air flow and assist in keeping the air flowing throughout the barn. These fans can also be reversed in winter to direct rising warm air back down to the animals. Typically these industrial fans are used in large warehouse situations which make them perfect for all sizes of barns. Click here to see a huge selection of outdoor rated ceiling fans suitable for your barn. Most come with remote controls to make it easy to turn on or adjust speeds.

Barn Wall Fans

Quality Barn Wall Fans

Wall fans provide a sideways air flow and can be directed on the animals to help control flying insects. Large ceiling fans generate high levels of more indirect air flow and assist in keeping the air flowing throughout the barn. F A strong wall fan can keep several animals cool and free of flies, not to mention the comfort of farm hands working in the barn.

Floor Fans are Movable

Floor fans have the advantage of being portable and can be moved to different areas of the barn as needed. As with wall fans, some floor fans can be set to sweep back and forth to cover larger areas.

Drum Fans

picture of drum fanDrum fans provide powerful circulation whether in a portable mode or as a highly efficient exhaust fan. Drum fans are a superior choice if you’re looking to produce strong, fast airflow. This type of fan is often used to cool livestock. Drum fans create a breeze strong enough to keep animals cool, calm, and comfortable. Check out this large selection of quality drum fans in all sizes and price ranges. You will find brand names you will recognize for their quality and endurance such as.

Barn Pedestal Fanspedestal fan

Maxx Air 30 in. pedestal fans can be adapted to a wide range of indoor environments with their heavy-duty metal construction and 3-speed PSC motor. Blow air in a particular area such as a warehouse work station or auto garage, or across a barn to keep livestock cool.

Misting Fans Cool the Animals Skin and the Air Around Them

Misting fans have the two-fold benefit of providing a cooling mist, and as evaporation of the mist occurs, the air cools also. For livestock in enclosed areas, the refreshing mist keeps them less stressed and ultimately more productive.

Misting fans are available in portable or permanently fixed versions, and with and without water tanks. Those without tanks will require a source of water such as a horse bib.

Misting Wall Fans

Wall fans provide a sideways air flow and can be directed on the animals to help control flying insects. Wall fans can be set to sweep back and forth thus covering more space.

A strong wall fan can keep several animals cool and free of flies, not to mention the comfort of farm hands working in the barn.

Misting Floor Fans

Floor fans have the added advantage of being portable. Misting fans require a water supply which can mean hooking to a hose or choosing a fan with its own water supply in the form of a water tank.

Misting Fan with Water Tank

Additionally, this high quality fan has its own wheels so it can be moved easily to different locations as needed, and since it does not require a hose connection, moving does not require dealing with a water supply.

How to Keep Fans Clean

How To Keep Fans Clean. Even though these fans are designed to hold up well in dusty environments, you still want to clean them regularly to expand their lifespan, as dust can build up. Blade cages can typically be opened, allowing you to wipe down the blades with a damp cloth. Fan filters can also be purchased to help prevent dust from entering the fan. Fan cleaning tools for easy overhead cleaning.

Natural Stable Ventilation

Recommendations for Effective Natural Ventilation:

- Permanent Openings: Design stables with permanent openings to allow fresh air circulation. Ridge vents, breathable walls, and open stall partitions contribute to natural ventilation.

- Avoid Restrictions: Ensure that nothing obstructs the airflow through stable openings.

- Ridge Vent: Ridge openings along the roof ridge help hot air escape.

- Breathable Wall: Use materials that allow air exchange while maintaining structural integrity.

- Open Stall Partitions: Avoid solid partitions between stalls to allow air movement. No Ceiling: An open ceiling design facilitates airflow.

- No Overhead Hay/Bedding Storage: Avoid storing hay or bedding directly above the horses. Hay and bedding are extremely flammable plus they generate harmful dust.

- Thermal Protection: Fans should have thermal protection to prevent overheating. That means the fan turns off when reaching an overly hot temperature.