lunge lines for lunging a horse
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lunge lineLunge lines are used for lunging horses and are usually 25 - 50 feet in length. Many buyers use these long lines for their for training or playing with their dogs.

Flat or braided.

Lunge lines are available in in a flat or braided format, but the preference seems to be the flat. The length depends on what you prefer and some include a lead chain. All have brass clips and some have a rubber stop at the end to help hold the rope but not tangle your hand.


Look for a lunge line that is going to be durable and can be easily wiped off at the end of a session. And of course their are several colors available to suit your preference. Read customer reviews to get a preview of what you get for your money.

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lunge line with rubber stopperlunge linecotton lunge lineWeaver flat cotton lunge linepoly lunge line with brass lead

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cotton 35 foot with rubber stop50 foot padded lunge line

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