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Lunge Cavesson

Lunging with a Cavesson

lunge cavessonThe Lunge Cavesson

A horse lunge cavesson is like a halter with a heavy, padded noseband that has metal rings to attach the lunge line, and provides significantly more control and horse comfort than a standard halter. Cavesson may alternately spelled caveson depending on the manufacturer.

However the spelling, the cavesson is an integral part of proper lunge equipment that will ensure the best results from our efforts.

Proper Fitting

lunge cavessonThe noseband should be set below the cheekbone, sitting on the nasal bone, and fitting snugly. The jowl strap should also be very snug to prevent the cavesson from slipping into the horse's eye.


While other types of equestrian headgear may be used for lunging, the lunging cavesson is designed to allow more refined communication between the handler and the horse.

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