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Lunge Chambon | How to Use a Chambon Video

Using a Chambon When Lunging

horse chambonChambon Video

Watch this video before deciding to use a chambon while lunging your horse. The chambon is designed to train a horse to keep its head down and stretch out while building its top line.

A chambon can be a plus or a minus depending on how used. The chambon is used to keep the horses pole down and should be used with care since it will affect the way the horse will react. Unlike side reins, the chambon does not pull the horses head down, but causes the horse to lower its head to lessen the contact from the chambon.

Loose Lineshorse chambon

Be sure to initially leave the lines loose until the horse is comfortable with the feel of the chambon and then you can tighten it up a little bit at a time. It will take a few days to get the horse to where you want it.

It is important to remember to adjust the chambon so that it is not constantly pulling on the horse.

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