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Dec 27, 2018
Home Equity Line of Credit
Tap Into the equity in your home for Debt Consolidation
Been looking twice at those attractive-sounding offers for a debt consolidation loan? Paying off high-interest credit-card debt with a home-equity loan can help financially troubled families make ends meet. And in some cases the interest on a home-equity loan is tax deductible. More info...

Dec 25, 2018
Mortgage Glossary
Learn Mortgage Terms
When you shop for a mortgage you probably are going to hear many unfamiliar mortgage terms. Because of all the options available, obtaining a mortgage loan can be a real adventure. And since so much is at stake, your knowledge of the mortgage definitions will help you get the best possible deal. More info...

Dec 16, 2018
Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve Work Life Balance in your Business
by Pratik Dholakiya
A study by Gallup found that a quarter of Americans dream of becoming entrepreneurs but are holding themselves back. The study attributed this trend to many reasons like fear and financial limitations. Among these reasons, the fear of losing their work-life balance caused 47% of these people to give up their entrepreneurial dream.
Another research from NodeSource augments the urgency of this fact, saying that work-life balance is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face, ranking it even higher than cybersecurity vulnerabilities and a tight job market. More info...

Dec 16, 2018
Why Everybody Should Spend 15 Minutes A Day Planning Their Calendar
John Hall
Just think about it: Whatís our most valuable asset? For me, itís time, but before this year, I didnít plan or strategize how I used my time. Itís crazy that I didnít really have a firm grasp of this time concept cemented in my mind ó yet time itself is so important to me.

With a strategy, we can find and keep time. We canít bottle it yet, but we can build a fuller life. I hadnít realized or consciously considered that, with a strategy, we have the ability to shave many millions of seconds off tasks, which then convert to minutes. More info...

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