guide to watching horse shows

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Guide to Watching Horse Shows

How to Watch Horse Shows and Rodeos

Horse Shows 101 | Dressage 101

how to watch horse showsWatching horse shows in America is a particular treat during horse show season when the show circuit is full, the best horses and riders are competing and its great to be outdoors.

What to Wear

Local Horse Shows and Rodeos

Dress is the same as for any sporting event and suits the weather. Rodeo fans often wear cowboy or cowgirl boots and western hats.

Rated Horse Shows including Dressage and Show Jumpingdressage shows

What to wear to a high level horse show, well, depends on whether the nighttime or daytime and what type of show.

Many venues schedule shows on Friday and Saturday nights which usually means combining the event with dinner somewhere and therefore is a little dressier.


Watching polo on a Sunday afternoon is often combined with a fancy lunch and dressing for the occasion. A polo match at equestrian centric Wellington may entail large sunglasses, big hats, and small sundresses. Bleacher fans tend to more casual sporting dress.

History of Show Jumping

Whatever you wear, the best way to watch a horse show is to understand the background of the show. History of show jumping.

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