American Horse Associations
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American Horse Show and Breed Associations

Directory of All National and International Horse Associations,
Federations, Foundations, and Societies

american horse associationsEquine Related Associations

Horse breed associations, equine rescue groups, horse show standards, and equestrian societies. Contains listing, mission statement, and contact information for each organization.

Horse Show Associations

The national and international horse show associations work towards sponsoring national horse shows and assisting local associations with producing shows and providing awards. Many of these associations work towards national championships such as the International Barrel Racing Association.

International Equestrian Standards

Horse show and horse breed standards are governed by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI,) the governing body for all things equestrian in the world. Headquartered in Switzerland, the FEI sponsor International equestrian events and establishes horse show standards for national, state, and local shows throughout the world.

American Equestrian Standards

In addition to the FEI, most countries have their own national federations that, using the FEI standards as a base, provide further rules and guidance for that country. In the United States that role falls to the United States Equestrian Foundation (USEF.)

Equestrian Discipline Associations

Additionally, within the FEI and national federations, their are horse disciplines such as dressage, eventing, jumping, driving, endurance, vaulting and reining.

Each of these disciplines have their own set of rules and guidelines from FEI as well as at the national level. In the United States, we have the United States Dressage Federation (USDF,) the United States Eventing Association, (USEA,) the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA,) the American Driving Society (ADS,)  and USA Reining

Horse Breed Associations

Horse breed associations register horses and track horse heritage and genetic lines to assure each horse meets the breed standards. The breed associations work towards promoting the breed and many of the associations sponsor breed oriented horses shows, such as the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA.)

Western Associations

Generally, western oriented horse associations do not fall under the FEI, but have standards set by various associations such as the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA,) the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA,)and Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA.)

American Horse Association Directory