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Equestrian Horse Shows and Events

WEG Tryon 2018This year the largest sporting event in North America will be the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC. Show dates are scheduled for September 11-23, 2018 with preliminary test events in April and May.

You will find the WEG schedule and news events at

Equestrian Horse is the home of American horse show dates and results, plus news from all the horse show associations. Find a hotel near your next horse show when you browse horse show venues.Tryon 2018

Horse Show Venues

A great deal of the excitement and pageantry of a horse show is the beauty of the show venue. America's greatest show venues offer stunningly picturesque backgrounds for rider and horse to display their skills.

Carefully designed and meticulously maintained, these equine kingdoms stand ready to show off horse show royalty.

Even non horse people love the excitement of show jumping and the pageantry of dressage. From musical dressage to the elegance of cart driving, you will find the world of horse shows to be an enchanting family outing.

Equestrian Horse News and Events

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